How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? The cost of a website in Australia can vary depending on various factors.

The begin with we need to consider the following in what the cost of a website includes.

  • The complexity of your project,
  • the size of the website,
  • the features and functionality required,
  • the level of customisation, and
  • the expertise of the web development company or web designer you choose to work with.

Additionally, ongoing website maintenance, hosting, and domain registration costs should also be considered.

To give you a rough estimate, let's break down the different components to find how much the cost of a website is.



  1. Domain Registration

This is the cost of registering a domain name (e.g., for your website. The cost typically ranges from AUD $10.00 to AUD $30.00 per year, depending on the domain extension (.com,, .net, etc.) and the domain registrar you choose.

  1. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the cost of storing your website's files on a server and making it accessible on the internet. The price can vary depending on the hosting provider and the hosting package you select. Shared hosting, which is the most affordable option, can cost around AUD $5.00 to AUD $20.00 per month. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and dedicated hosting are more expensive, ranging from AUD $30.00 to AUD $200.00 or more per month, depending on the specifications.

  1. Web Design and Development

This is the cost of designing and building the website itself. The price can vary significantly based on the complexity of the design, the number of pages, and the functionality required. A basic informational website with a template design could cost anywhere from AUD $500.00 to AUD $3,000.00. However, more complex websites with custom designs, e-commerce functionality, database integration, and other advanced features can cost anywhere from AUD $3,000.00 to AUD $20,000.00 or more.

  1. Content Creation

If you require professional content creation services, such as copywriting, photography, or graphic design, these costs should be factored in as well. The cost will depend on the scope of the project and the rates of the content creators you hire.

  1. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

Websites require regular maintenance, updates, and security measures. Some web development companies include ongoing maintenance as part of their packages, while others charge an hourly or monthly fee. Budgeting around AUD $50.00 to AUD $300.00 per month for ongoing maintenance is a common range, but it can vary based on the complexity of the website and the level of support required.

It's important to note that these figures are just estimates, and the actual cost of a website can vary significantly based on your specific requirements and the pricing models of different service providers. Web Honey Digital recommends you reach out to multiple web development companies or professionals, discuss your project in detail, and request quotes to get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs. Less isn't necessarily best and more isn't always more. Buyer beware.

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