Top Ten Live Chat Plugins for Your Website

Why Live Chat Plugins?

Instant gratification has become the norm, having a live chat plugin on your website can significantly enhance your business's customer service and overall user experience.

Live chat plugins offer a real-time communication channel that allows your customers to get immediate responses to their queries, right when they need it. This immediacy not only helps resolve issues quickly, but also builds trust and fosters stronger relationships with your customers.

Additionally, it provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, enabling you to fine-tune your products or services. By offering a human touch in a digital world, a chat plugin can be a game-changer in enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Here is our list of top ten chat plugins


Known for its speed and efficiency, LiveChat offers a range of features including message sneak-peek, file sharing, and a robust ticketing system.

Positives LiveChat offers a clean and intuitive interface, great customisation options, and a comprehensive set of features. Its speedy performance makes real-time interaction with customers a breeze.

Negatives It's on the pricier side compared to other live chat plugins. Its advanced features may require a learning curve for non-tech savvy users.


Tidio is celebrated for its ease of installation and use. It's compatible with various platforms and offers chatbot integration.

Tidio chat plugin

Positives Tidio is easy to install and use. It has an appealing UI and offers integration with chatbots, elevating automated customer service.

Negatives Some users may find the free version a bit limited. Customisation options might not be as extensive as some other plugins.


Olark stands out with its customisation options, allowing you to match your chat box to your brand. It also provides comprehensive reports on chat statistics.

Olark chat plugin

Positives Olark offers strong customisation options, allowing a consistent brand experience. Its detailed chat reports provide valuable insights.

Negatives It lacks a free version. Some users have reported the mobile interface to be less user-friendly.

Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim)

Zendesk Chat offers a customizable chat widget that supports multiple languages. It also provides real-time monitoring and chat analytics.

Positives Zendesk Chat offers a robust set of features, including real-time monitoring and chat analytics. It supports multiple languages, making it suitable for global businesses.

Negatives The advanced features are available only in the higher-priced plans. Integration with other systems can sometimes be challenging.


Intercom is more than just a live chat plugin. It offers a suite of products for every team including sales, marketing, product, and support.

Positives Intercom is a versatile tool offering products for various teams, not just support. It allows targeted communication and offers powerful tracking features.

Negatives Intercom is one of the more expensive options. Its extensive features might be overwhelming for small businesses.


Drift is a leading chat software that emphasises on conversational marketing and sales. It offers features such as automated sales meetings and chatbot creation.

Positives Drift emphasises conversational marketing, providing automated sales assistance and chatbot creation features. It integrates well with other marketing tools.

Negatives Drift can be expensive for small businesses. Some users report its interface to be less intuitive compared to other options.


A product of Freshworks, Freshchat offers triggered messaging, contextual information, and intelligent message routing.

Positives Freshchat, part of the Freshworks suite, provides intelligent message routing and contextual information, improving the efficiency of customer interaction.

Negatives The free version is quite limited. Integration with some CRM systems can be tricky. is a free live chat application designed to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website.

Positives is a free live chat application offering features usually found in paid versions, making it a great option for small businesses or startups.

Negatives The interface is not as modern or sleek as some of the other options. It lacks some advanced features found in premium tools.


ChatBot allows you to create your own AI-powered chatbot to engage with visitors, provide answers to common questions, and even book appointments.

Positives ChatBot allows for advanced chatbot creation, enabling automated and efficient customer service. It integrates well with popular platforms.

Negatives Building complex bots might require a learning curve. It's a bit pricey compared to other chatbot tools.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat offers a simple and intuitive platform that lets you engage with your website visitors in real-time, with powerful features like pre-chat info form and transcripts.

Positives Pure Chat offers a user-friendly platform with powerful features like pre-chat info form and transcripts. The customisation options are quite extensive.

Negatives Some users have reported minor bugs and glitches. It lacks a chatbot feature, which some businesses might prefer.

Choosing the best depends on your circumstances

We don't personally use live chat because it isn't a tool that works great for people trying to be creative. BUT from feedback (we don't have any associations with any of these platforms), all things considered our research has deduced the following

Choosing the "best" live chat plugin depends heavily on your specific needs, the size of your business, your budget, and your technical capabilities. However, based on popularity and the range of features they offer, here are a few that stand out:

1.LiveChat This is a premium option that is popular due to its speed, efficiency, and robust set of features. If budget is not a concern and you want a comprehensive solution, LiveChat is a great choice.

2.Tidio Live Chat Tidio is known for its simplicity and ease of use. If you're a beginner or prefer something that's easy to set up and use, Tidio could be the right choice.

3.Intercom If you're looking for a versatile tool that goes beyond live chat and includes features for sales, marketing, and customer engagement, Intercom is a strong contender. If budget is a concern and you're looking for a free solution, offers a good range of features at no cost.

5.Zendesk Chat If you're already using Zendesk for customer service, their live chat feature would integrate seamlessly with your existing setup.

Remember, what works best for you will depend on your individual circumstances and requirements. It's always a good idea to take advantage of free trials where available to test out these tools before making a decision.

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